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Available Residential Water Rebates in Santa Clara County | Golden State Gardens

Santa Clara Valley Water, in Santa Clara County, California, is offering rebates for lawn conversion to a low water landscape- from Golden State Gardens, Bianca Vallorz.

Are you familiar with Santa Clara Valley Water’s rebate programs? Valley Water is currently offering financial incentives to home and business owners who conserve California’s valuable water by planting low water landscapes. Here’s how you can qualify:

This landscape is in the lawn conversion rebate program, and is currently being installed with low water use plants- designed by Golden State Gardens.

Landscape Conversion Rebate: This is the most popular rebate, which converts high water use lawns or pools to low-water use landscapes. Some additional good news, Valley Water has recently increased their rebate rate to $2 per square foot! Qualifying low-water landscapes must meet the square foot coverage of plants from the approved low water plant list.

In-Line Drip Irrigation Conversion Rebate: Do you already have a landscape that you enjoy, but it’s currently irrigated with overhead spray? The water district will pay for you $0.25 per square foot to convert your spray to in-line drip. This conversion is an easy process that does not involve tearing apart your current landscape.

Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate: Removing and replacing old, inefficient irrigation equipment in favor of water-wise equipment is another way that you may qualify for a Valley Water rebate. Equipment includes sprinklers, nozzles, specialized sensors, and weather-based irrigation controllers.

Rainwater Capture Rebate: You can qualify for this rebate by treating your property as a watershed and keeping rainwater on-site (and out of the storm drain). There are three different ways you can qualify for this rebate:

Rain Garden designed by Golden State Gardens

Installed by homeowners, 2021

Rain Garden - This blends into the landscape to appear as a dry riverbed in the summer months and a babbling creek during the winter rains. It works with your landscape to provide your plants with the deep winter water which they love.

Rain Barrel - This funnels clean rain water from the downspout to a storage system, holding between 40-199 gallons of water. You can then use that water during the dry months to water plants or refill your bird fountain.

Cistern - This holds at least 200 gallons of water that can be placed above or below ground. The larger capacity will provide you with more water to use during the dry season.

Cistern photo courtesy of Ecology Action 2015 and Valley Water

Now is the time to apply for the Santa Clara Valley Water rebate program, while funding is still available.

Do you need help implementing an aesthetic landscape that also meets the rebate requirements? Are you unsure where to start? Let Golden State Gardens help you! Contact us today.


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