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West San Jose, CA

Installed late winter/spring 2022

Photographs taken spring 2022

Designed by Golden State Gardens

Installed by homeowners

The homeowners were quick to take advantage of Santa Clara Valley Water’s lawn conversion rebate for this front and side yard design. With the help of Golden State Gardens we were able to design a front and side yard garden that provided year-round food and shelter for local wildlife using mainly California native plants. We also provided a convenient spreadsheet that made it easy for the homeowners to submit their plants to Santa Clara Valley Water Company for the rebate approval.


Extra boulders, pavers, and containers that were already located in the backyard were brought into the front yard, which limited the need to source additional materials and reduced the installation cost. To additionally save on the project cost, we opted to select smaller gallon plants, and include plants that have a spreading habitat- knowing that the native plants will quickly fill the space.  Even though the home owners planted in the winter/spring, they still received immediate spring color with the bright flowering Penstemon and Poppies. Smaller growing Yucca will provide a sharp textural contrast to the Eriogonums soft umbel inflorescence, which creates accents throughout the garden. 

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