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Sunnyvale, CA

Installed May 2022

Photographed July 2022 and August 2023

Designed by Golden State Gardens

Installed by Earthscape Gardens

The homeowners felt like their front yard needed a touch-up to fit with their changing style. That’s when they reached out to Golden State Gardens to provide a clean, modern, and simple appearance. 


The beautiful bay window was showcased in this design by placing the plants to mimic its shape. Layers of plants and hardscape material run horizontal to the residence, which accentuates the horizontal elements used in the hardscape. Because the homeowners are next to a park, many dogs walked in front of their house and use their property as a restroom. After exploring conceptual designs that featured a fence or cobbles, the homeowners selected the cobbles because it best fit their budget. Different Agave were placed among the cobbles to provide an additional deterrent. 


Lime green plants were dominantly used in the landscape to provide a vibrant color against the gray hardscape features. While using the white wall of the house as a canvas, an upright lime green Leucadendron will provide a striking focal point as it matures. An Arctostaphylos is placed on the front corner of the property to provide an interesting branching structural element, height, and privacy. Gray containers with bright green Agave attenuata were placed along the walkway to guide visitors towards the front door. 


Lights are used to create a garden that also shines and provides visual interest in the evening. An uplight is placed on the Leucadendron and will cast a shadow on the wall at night so the specimens shines in both light and dark. An uplight is also placed on the Arctostaphylos to highlight the branching structure. Instead of placing pathway lights along the walkway to the front door, uprights are used to highlight the containers and Agave. Reflective light from the containers illuminate the pathway, providing additional visual interest and safety.

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