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Willow Glen- San Jose, CA

Installed February-March 2022

Photographs taken June 2022

Designed by Golden State Gardens

Installed by Pazmany Brothers Landscaping

After the homeowners added a detached office to their backyard, they decided that updating the landscape was the next step. The homeowners needed the backyard landscape to match their style and provide inspiration while looking out the office windows or meandering through the backyard. Many of the existing hardscape elements were still working in the yard (i.e. raised wood deck and square patio pavers), but they also loved the organic flowing elements of flagstone set in decomposed granite and they wanted to expand their outdoor living.


Golden State Gardens created a design that kept the existing hardscape structures in place while blending in flagstone that was already located on-site. To help blend the lines of square and flowing, sections of the square paver patio were cut out and flagstone was replaced with flagstone. Also, decomposed granite was brought into the pavers to further blend the two elements together. A small raised planting bed was added against the house using stacked flagstone to bring the curvy flagstone closer to the house and create more cohesion within the design.


By placing the seating area in front of the redwood tree, the tree is treated as a nice backdrop and focal element. The tree also encloses the seating area and treats the space as an intimate room. Lower plants were selected around the permitter planting space to help provide a place for clear thinking and inspiration as the owners meander through the space. Dimming lights were used along the pathway and uplighting the trees, which the homeowners have the ability to easily set and control via their smart phone- depending if they are using the outdoor space for entertainment, work, or relaxing. 


Additionally, the homeowners needed storage for kayaks and was hoping for a location to play table tennis. Following the site analysis, Golden State Gardens identified that the location behind the new office was not being utilized, and designed a space for the kayaks to be hung along the fence. The space along the left side of the house was left open for the homeowners to roll out and store the table tennis as they needed. 


Golden State Gardens also created a design for the front yard in conjunction with the backyard, which will be installed as “phase 2”.

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