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Going Native Garden Tour 2021 | Golden State Gardens

In the spring of 2021, Golden State Gardens virtually participated in the Going Native Garden Tour in San Jose, CA- from Golden State Gardens, Bianca Vallorz.

Click HERE to see all the Golden State Gardens photos displayed in the virtual tour.

Showcase Features: This charming garden was professionally designed by the homeowner, and professionally installed. Year-round color and habitat for pollinators abound. A meandering dry creek is punctuated by tufts of Grey Rush, and mounds are topped by Manzanita. Along the fence-line is a row of vivid blue Ceanothus (Concha), and an Island Bush Anemone brightens a shady spot. As it grows taller, the Western Redbud, surrounded by Bee's Bliss Sage will be a show-stopper.

Other Garden Attractions: Large existing shrubs were retained to provide screening for a private seating area. Other sustainable features include an underground pipe to a drywell, to keep water on site, and cutting existing concrete to provide an updated look.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Designer: Golden State Gardens Installer: Confidence Landscaping


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